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Don’t expect a delivery of stuffed spreadsheets and a bulky slide deck: my approach is to guide you with my experience into finding the right direction to take by yourself. This also includes proper references to experts within my growing network for specific parts of the challenges outside my domain of expertise.
Consider it to be a combination of strategic discussions, workshops, project management, knowledge transfer, and that extra capacity in brain space.
Through a first intake session, we jointly make up a first draft of the collaboration and commitment.
And then take it from there.


Supply chains are the backbone of any company that is moving goods., but also for many companies providing services. However, too often supply chains just come into existence by accident, and not by purpose. This is all the more true when you’re starting small with an innovative product or service and then going through a scale-up phase.
Planning and designing your supply chain early enough in that exciting phase will bring many advantages and even protect you from making dire mistakes.
But that requires some knowledge and experience, and certainly a portion of supply chain lingo.
Let that be exactly what I can help you with.


The circular transition and the quest for sustainability is a path with many challenges and opportunities. How can they be integrated into your existing business models and supply chain? Or what is needed to alter towards new circular business models and how will that affect my supply chain operations? What are possible low-hanging fruits and what are the longer-term realistic ambitions?
Next to that: what is mandatory to prepare for, by EU and national/regional directives? Are there any non-financial reporting requirements and if so, how do we make sure we can deliver? Who needs to be involved to get all this done?
Let’s have a first look at your end-to-end supply chain. And then take it from there.

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