+32 476 465 756
Antwerp, Belgium

Project Manager

JUL 2005 – SEP 2006
DHL Logistics, Wommelgem, Belgium

In 2005, the tapestreamer configuration activities in which I was involved (see previous job) came to an end. I was offered the opportunity to become a project manager and join the business process support team. Our task was to be the go-to team for internal process improvements including the translation from business requirements into ICT requirements. Those improvements could be related to warehouse lay-out and operations, to inbound and outbound activities, but also to administrative processes internally and with our customers.
If you wonder why my role as a project manager didn’t last very long: the site in Wommelgem came into trouble for various reasons and it became apparent the ‘ship would sink’ pretty soon… So, I left the company a few months before the inevitable thing happened.


»  Identify and evaluate business process improvement opportunities
»  Liaise between operational and administrative processes and (in-house) IT staff
»  Implement new and/or improvement processes
»  Train (warehouse) personnel in newly added system features or process changes
»  Be the Point of Contact for change requests by customers (or vice versa)


»  Re-design warehouse flow and set-up for new customer
»  Test and improve scanning infrastructure
»  Improve outbound operations
»  Successfully persuade automotive customer to change barcode label to prevent faulty scanning

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