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Antwerp, Belgium

Director Academy

NOV 2016 – JUN 2022
Solventure, Ghent, Belgium

A few years ago, at Solventure, we started to get more and more requests from companies – aside from supply chain software implementations – to support them by training their employees, very often in the light of an upcoming improvement track that was about to be started within their company. One thing led to another and – voilà – in 2016 a new service was born within Solventure: our Solventure Academy. Over the years, I’ve shaped the portfolio, the training material, and the way we assemble customised training programs to our customers. It gave me great opportunities to learn and hone many skills, not only related to training, public speaking, and presenting, but also – for example – regarding sales & marketing, business development, and alternative ways of bringing education to our customers.


»  Train our customers and prospects
»  Develop service strategy
»  Define and manage training portfolio
»  Set up and/or develop training programs for our customers
»  Define pricing strategies
»  Budget management
»  Set out partnering activities with peers and institutes
»  Test and deploy alternative training formats
»  Contribute to knowledge management and re-usability of training material by colleagues


»  ‘Accelerator Days’, a 3-day training program open for subscription organised on regular intervals and covering all the subdomains of S&OP such as demand, inventory and supply planning but also strategy and segmentation and Solventure’s all time favourite: the Supply Chain Triangle
»  Continuation, development, refinement and extension of a yearly recurring internal supply chain academy at one of Belgium’s biggest food retail companies, including training modules for higher and middle management levels, and in-depth modules for business analysts 
»  Development (and coaching in) writing training manuals for a manufacturer of personal hygiene products with HQ in Belgium, including a mix of theory and company-specific processes and instructions on demand planning and forecasting, inventory planning and management, sales and operations planning, production planning and warehouse management (maybe not so exemplary as writing manuals is not the core business of Solventure Academy, but definitely a project with its own merits)
»  Supporting the implementation of mid-term planning and rough-cut capacity planning for a global animal health pharma company, by aiding in designing and presenting workshops at production sites in various locations throughout Europe and the United States

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